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How does a revolving credit facility work?

Revolving credit facilities are a kind of working capital finance. Like overdrafts, you can access approved funds as required, and interest can be typically charged on the amount withdrawn while it is outstanding. Revolving credit facilities can be a better alternative to overdrafts, which used to be readily available with the high street [...]

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Can you get a mortgage on commercial property?

If you're looking to purchase a commercial property for an investment or because you want to purchase the premises you rent, then you'll probably need a commercial mortgage to finance the purchase. Before you start looking for a mortgage it is best to have an idea of what your monthly budget will be [...]

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What are my options? – Stock Finance

Would Stock Finance work for you? This week we are looking at Stock Finance. Whether you are a motor trader, wine merchant or a universal wholesaler, Stock Finance could be for your business. So, how does it work? In simple terms, lenders purchase the stock you need from a seller on your [...]

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Why would you need a commercial lending broker?

Should you try and go it alone? Commercial finance, business lending, commercial funding, revolving credit, invoice discounting/factoring, bridging, developer exit loans! All of the above words are used on a day to day basis by many people in business but do you know what they are? Are they easy to obtain? Are [...]

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