How does a revolving credit facility work?

Revolving credit facilities are a kind of working capital finance. Like overdrafts, you can access approved funds as required, and interest can be typically charged on the amount withdrawn while it is outstanding. Revolving credit facilities can be a better alternative to overdrafts, which used to be readily available with the high street [...]

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How to use a Bridge Loan

Two brothers with experience in domestic building had decided to expand their business toproperty investment and devleopment.  Both having completed many refurbishments for clients, they were keen to find a property they could refurbish themselves and sell on for a profit. After looking at several properties and visiting auctions to gain an understanding [...]

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Can you get a mortgage on commercial property?

If you're looking to purchase a commercial property for an investment or because you want to purchase the premises you rent, then you'll probably need a commercial mortgage to finance the purchase. Before you start looking for a mortgage it is best to have an idea of what your monthly budget will be [...]

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What does it cost to use a broker? But what could it cost to not?

One of the first questions I get asked is “What will it cost me to use you? I can organise a business loan myself!” There are two things that come to mind in the first instance, which will help to explain the mindset to which formulates this question. Would you instantly think about using [...]

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Could you do with a Business Funding Review?

Would you know what business funding solutions are available to you today? In this line of work it is often that the need for finance is reactive, and the job of the Commercial Finance Broker is almost firefighting, to find or establish a funding solution that will essentially provide the business with [...]

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Why would you need a commercial lending broker?

Should you try and go it alone? Commercial finance, business lending, commercial funding, revolving credit, invoice discounting/factoring, bridging, developer exit loans! All of the above words are used on a day to day basis by many people in business but do you know what they are? Are they easy to obtain? Are [...]

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